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You can use the following equipment to work
Recommend the use of " Google Chrome "
Application Process


Send your resume to hr@bingotalk.org , then based on your experience our teamwith get in touch with you and set up an online interview.


1. Follow the directions in the email to arrange your 30-minute interview+mock class on our recruitment calendar.

2. Prepare the Bingo demo lecture we send you and study the documents we attached in the email. (3 attachments)

3.Make sure you have your computer/laptop/microphone/webcam/headset ready (no phone or tablet), and login at http://bingo.cloud4magic.com/#/join ON TIME with your invitation code.

4. Write down the feedback your interviewer gives you after the mock class.


1. Once you pass the interview you will get the training PDF and quiz via email within 24 hours.

2. Study the training PDF, complete and submit the 22-question training quiz and email the quiz back.


1. After you pass all the previous steps, now you’ll get your offer and paperwork, which include a 6-month contract, W9, I9, and direct deposit form.

2. Follow the directions in the offer email and setup your teaching profile for approval, then update your profile picture, bio, and intro video.

3.Fill out all the paperwork and submit ASAP.

4. Last but not least, join the BingoTalk Teacher Support Group in the email link, like and follow us on Facebook — BingoTalk, Twitter — @Bingotalk and Instagram — @bingotalk.official.

Start Teaching!