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BingoTalk Introduction

BingoTalk is an exciting Online Education Platform that connects the kids in China with native English speakers in the USA. With the well-customized courses and excellent online experience of realtime video conversation, BingoTalk sets up one approach to link the kids to the world. They will be inspired by the amazing cultural diversity of the world.

For the kids with different races, different cultures, no matter rich or poor, BingTalk can help them have the same opportunities to learn the same knowledge. BingoTalk Members do believe the technology can be used for equal education and even for one equal world. That is what they are doing and what they expect to happen in the future. Up to now, BingoTalk has more than 10,000 well-trained teachers and advisors in the USA. They all have the same dream.

BingoTalk's mission: Technology for Equal Education

BingoTalk’s headquarter is located in Beijing China. And it also has the operation center in Chengdu. In the USA, BingoTalk has American Culture Design Team in Boston and Artificial Intelligence Research Team in Los Angeles.

BingoTalk’s Mission


Mission: Technology for Equal Education

BingoTalk’s Vision


Vision: Connect Kids with the World

BingoTalk Values